We are more than just a travel or hiring service. We provide an accessible way of life for older and disabled people in Plymouth. We enable social inclusion. We reduce loneliness. We improve peoples' health.

Last year we made 18'109 trips taking people aged between 18 to 101 years to go shopping, to the doctors, to meet friends and go to social clubs.

Our 33 volunteers gave us 8989 hours to make a difference to 821 customers by driving community cars or helping with Shopmobility. 

What our customers say

Michaela – “Fantastic service, a nurse used to visit my house but that stopped so now I have to attend a clinic. I would have to get a taxi if Access Plymouth were not around”

David (son of a customer) – “Wonderful service, living on a non-bus route it gives my mother the independence to live more of her life. Without it she would be a prisoner in her home”

Josephine “It helps me to make friends and get out as I can’t get out without it. Can’t walk due to my health and I have a restricted life now. When I was used to being so active and still have a healthy mind; physical disability is debilitating and depressing.”


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