Manager - Lesley Hargreaves

Although I'm not from round here, I love Plymouth. I think it is a really special place to live and I feel really blessed here. I also think it is vital that people who cannot get round and about - either because of age or disability are given the chance to live their lives and don't miss out. Our transport - whether scooters, buses or cars enable people to do the important things in their lives. I'm part of a great team and we work in partnership with other great groups - Plymouth City Council, Citybus, More Than Mobility to name a few, to provide these services. Not forgetting the army of awesome volunteers that support us in every area of our service. It's important to me that I get to give something back to this City and working here is a big part of that.

Outside of Access Plymouth I'm usually so tired I tend to lie down and eat Cadbury's Whole Nut but also I read, I write, I talk (probably too much), I love Man United (born and bred up there - don't write in), I also love the pictures -  so long as no-one is dying a long, violent death. I love to walk round where I live but my favourite weekend thing is to get a train to London and go to the theatre, do an art gallery and eat pizza at our favourite Italian on the Southbank.

Shopmobility Coordinator, Phil, image

Shopmobility Co-ordinator - Phil Reason

My happy smiling face is one of those who greet you when you enter our premises in Mayflower Street.

I have been with the charity for 8 years now. I originally started on the engineering department, this involved the servicing and maintenance of the Shopmobility equipment. I took on the role of co-ordinator when the Shopmobility and engineering department was restructured. This now includes working with our wonderful volunteers (who I help to recruit and train) and between us we work together to make the service work for you.

I also liaise with one of our stakeholders, More Than Mobility, where I oversee the maintenance and servicing schedule on all of our equipment. 

If you asked me what I get out of this role?  I would say, it’s the satisfaction of getting a good job done, to provide a service second to none, to help our clients go about their day in the knowledge they are safe, and can achieve all they set out to do.

Do I get job satisfaction working at Access Plymouth, working with great volunteers and colleagues, and being part of a wonderful team?

Simply, YES!

Planner - Christine Ward

I have worked as a Planner for Access Plymouth for 5 years, with great colleagues who make it a pleasure to go to work. The day is complete when all the clients journeys have been planned in and drivers are happy with their run sheets. Job done! 

Whilst staying in during the Corona virus never have I been so glad, as to have the following hobbies, knitting (emergency wool stash to the ready), jigsaws (hiding in loft) and gardening (packets of seeds ready to plant). Now my hobbies don't seem so boring!

Planner - Karol Fisher 

Marketing and Fundraising - Julia Donnell

I have worked in the charity sector nearly all of my working life and my greatest motivation is to support people by making a positive difference to their lives. The best feeling is hearing our customers say by using Access Plymouth it makes them feel normal. Sometimes the simplest of tasks to you and me is a big deal for disabled and older people. I help to provide accessibility to an ordinary life for those people and that is a pretty awesome job to have!

I live in Cornwall and yes I love a pasty and a cider right next to the sea, bliss.

Caretaker - Andy Marsh  

On early retirement from the Dockyard I saw Access Plymouth were looking for volunteers. So I started by assisting with small maintenance work. I then became the part time Caretaker which I enjoy as I like to tinker. Just give me a screwdriver or spanner and I’m in heaven. I also keep my hand in volunteering in the Shopmobility side. They are a good crowd to work and volunteer with at Access Plymouth – but don’t say I said anything!