We have three dedicated Directors who go above and beyond their roles governing the charity. Given the ever changing landscape of our work and the not for profit sector we pride ourselves on having individuals with not only a variety of skills but most importantly the empathy towards our clients needs' and why we exist. 

Justine Elder

The thing about me is – I love people. Old people; young people; odd people; quirky people; any type of people, I’ll talk to anyone anywhere and if I can, I’d rather help someone than ignore them.

I volunteer with Access Plymouth which does just that – help people, by providing the “wheels” to enable those with travel and health problems to get around Plymouth. Access Plymouth began as the combination of two brilliant forms of transport. Two separate units both started by the Guild of Voluntary Service – Community Transport and Shopmobility.

Over the years people’s needs have changed and the way the charity has to fund itself has also changed, but we still remain the main transport hub in Plymouth for elderly and disabled people, providing hundreds of car, mini-bus and scooter trips every month. As we evolve we are looking to form partnerships in order to provide more ways of helping more people with their medical appointments as well as our core business of taking passengers for social activities which, for many passengers, is their only means of meeting and making friendships while reducing social isolation.   I am pleased to be associated with this wonderful local charity giving as many people as possible the chance to keep getting out and about.

All this could not be done without the dozens of brilliant volunteers, staff and partners who happily and tirelessly lend us their support.

Lin Jennings 

A bit about me and how I came to be partly responsible for the governing of Access Plymouth.

My Husband and I (ooh that sounds a bit Royal!) were lucky enough to retire early and decided that we then needed a new challenge. Whilst bringing up our three sons we also hosted students from all over the world for almost twenty years, it was great fun although the house was in a permanent state of happy chaos. Needless to say we are “people people”.

This followed on from my early years involved in hospitality as my parents ran a guest house in Newquay for over thirty years which led me to a career in the hotel trade.

So, how did I get here? My husband became a volunteer driver for Community Cars and completed twenty years’ service this year. He asked me if I would be interested in volunteering on the Shopmobility reception side which I did initially for one morning a week. I was soon hooked, once they get you they don’t let you go!!

I enjoyed meeting all the clients whilst helping to provide a much needed service in the community. That one half day soon snowballed needless to say and the next thing I knew I was roped into the Committee.

The founder of the charity was Derek Curtis who received an MBE for founding the charity. Derek asked me to become Vice Chair which I was unsure what it would actually involve at the beginning but I accepted being a very much “in for a penny in for a pound” type of person. They seem to think that I am the creative one hence you will see me putting up Christmas and Easter decorations.

The charity grew and grew, supported by Plymouth City Council and we became a Limited Company. Unfortunately, Derek had to step down and retire due to ill health and I cautiously stepped into Chair and Director/Trustee. It was very much a “learn as you go along” situation but seven years on I have learned so much and enjoyed every minute.

Our ethos is to prevent social isolation whilst providing transport for those who need it and have difficulty in using public transport.

It is a huge responsibility being a Trustee but one that I derive great pleasure from and I hope to carry on for some time yet in order to see our future plans take shape.

Jacqui Donnelly 

This is my 10th year as a volunteer with Access Plymouth. I also help with the Shopmobility service which enables me to truly understand our customers needs and how I can support the charity by being one of the Directors.

I was born in the South Hams and moved to Plymouth in 1967. For 34 years I worked for a well known television manufacture starting as site services supervisor. Later i took on the role of running the staff sales department and arranging all the business travel as well as dealing with charity requests.
Travelling has always been a passion of mine and I have been very fortunate to have travelled across five of the seven continents. My other interests are sport and music. I was very proud to be selected five times to become a member of the South West keep fit team and perform at the Royal Albert Hall. I also appeared in The Music of the Night show at the Royal Citadel in Plymouth. In 1979 I become a Special Constable and this continued for 11 years before joining the Youth Offending Team helping young people who had committed offences to get back on the right path.

As a local charity we are proud to be able to offer a friendly, personal service that gives our customers what they need. As a Director I am passionate that we develop our services, processes and reputation to be one that represents accessibility for older and disabled people.